being the first grandson, your grand parent decided to give a rectangular field for your coming wedding. If you are given 210 m wires of fencing, what dimensions would you choose to get the maximum area? a.list all the possible dimensions of the rectangular field b. make a table of values for the possible dimensions c. compute the area for each possible dimension d. what is the maximum area you obtain? e. what are the dimensions of the maximum area you obtained?

Accepted Solution

if you are given a certain length of wire the biggest area you can fend up is a circle, 2nd a square.  For the rectangle to have the biggest area,the difference between the 2 sides must be the minimum,  it must approaches a square then we have         2(l +w)   =    200                                   l + w   =     100 the  dimensions   are    49 & 51multiply    49 by  51  =  2499 sq. m, will give the biggest area, any other      combinations will give a smaller area if you considered decimal numbers between