WHOEVER GETS IT RIGHT GETS BRAINLIESTWhich of the situations correspond to the equation below? Select all that apply0.35 (t+$850) = $339.50A) After paying t toward her tuition, Julie still owed 35% of her total tuition of $850.00, leaving an amount due of $339.50. B) Rainy's neighbor was having a new fence installed and asked her to pay 35% of the cost based on the portion of the fence that ran between their houses. He asked her for $339.50 to cover $850.00 worth of materials plus labor costs, t.C) Monica read in the paper that the Formal Gown Warehouse is offering 35% of the cost of a gown toward a pair of dress shoes. The gown that Monica wants cost $850.00 and the shoes that go with the dress are also on sale for t, which would give her a total savings of $339.50. D) Chase donated t to the school's fundraiser, which put their fundraising total at $339.50 or 35% of their goal target of $850.E) Manuel received a 35% discount for a savings of $339.50 by purchasing a set of four tires at $212.50 each plus a road hazard warranty for t.

Accepted Solution

I say the answer is B.